September 26 2017

Well, the busy summer is nearly over and now we head into an expectant autumn, Ha! did you see what I did there? Sheena, our sheenius, is due to have a little girl in the middle of October. She has been working hard on the Magnum album over the last few months and now has to give it a rest. We are hoping she can start back with us again in the spring of 2018, so in the meantime it is just Mark doing sessions, hopefully with a little help coming soon. The summer has been very industrious with other projects on the go namely Dante Fox new album of re-workings of older material. Rebecca Downes has started on her new album due for release in the spring of next year, Voodoo Sioux recorded a single which has been receiving great reviews. Big Wolf band’s album has also been attracting some positive vibes from the media and Iconic Eye are working hard to start promoting their forthcoming album too. All good all round. The studio has a few windows open for sessions up until Christmas – yes it is only 3 months away! We are also delighted to welcome Owen Davies of Loud Noise productions. Owen has been using the studio in recent months to track some of the bands he has been working with. The dogs? well Sheena has taken Suzi with her of course, but I am sure she will be paying us the odd visit and Ralph will be in attendance at most sessions. He remains very chilled out …except when he has a squeaky ball.
We look forward to seeing more new faces in the studio over the next few months.

May 3 2017

Well busy busy busy, not only with work, but with spending. We have acquired another Pro Tools HD License, so we are now able to offer our Blue Room (studio 2) for in the box mixing, editing, some overdubs as well as programming. We have also acquire a nice pair of Golden Age Projects R1 Ribbon microphones to add to our impressive selection of microphones.
We are also looking out for an assistant to help Mark out mainly as Sheena is going to be leaving us (albeit temporarily) at the end of September as she is going to be a mum. So if you are interested, send an application in your own handwriting to the studio with a CV. We are looking for someone who has a basic grasp of Pro Tools, can mic up a drum kit, can make good tea and look after dogs. Ideally we want someone who has received some FE on music technology for at least 12 months. We are ignoring emails, texts personal visits, and private message, we want to see your handwriting!

Mar 22 2017. Second day of Spring…It’s been a while since we updated our blog, probably because we have been so busy and the ‘busyness’ or business if you like, continues. We already have 4 albums booked in for this year with another client chomping at the bit too. This means that essentially we are now looking at bookings for October onwards so if you are an act that does look more than next week in advance give us a shout. We are always on the look out for new bands to work with and the fact that all the albums booked in for this year are repeat clients we are confident that when you come here you will, more than likely, return.
Since our last blog update we have acquired a couple of new pieces of ‘equipment’ namely a rescue jack russell cross called Ralph, who loves everyone, especially if they have food, and our youngster Suzi Q a french bulldog who Sheena has had since a puppy. She is a bit mad and loves to be played with and is extremely friendly once you have got over the initial meeting of woof woof who are you? They have their own facebook page too madhat dogs, please check it out.
On other matters we have now available a 40 channel mobile recording set up available, so we can visit you at a venue or rehearsal room anywhere. This facility could be very useful for recording preproduction demos very quickly which we can then take back to the studio to work on. A couple of new bits of outboard, an upgrade to our mac and a few extra microphones.
It’s all go!


Hope everyone’s enjoyed the unusually nice summer! It’s been a pretty busy 6 months for us since our last update. I hope everyone’s been keeping up with our latest news on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve just added another track to our listen section, and I will be adding some more in the coming weeks. I’ve also updated the equipment section to include the snazzy new live desk we have available to hire – photos to follow.

New Tracks

Happy valentines day everyone!

Here’s a lovely gift for you all. I’ve added a couple of new tracks from last year to our listen section – go check em out!

Today and next week we’ve got the winning bands from the Robin 2’s 2013 Live Band of the Year Competition. Might be adding them to the listen section soon as well…

Happy New Website

Welcome to 2014 everyone.

So here it is – after nearly a year of on and off work, lots of false starts, relearning CSS and HTML, immediately forgetting it, spending 6 months doing my actual job and then learning the whole lot all over again – it’s finally done!

This is the new website, and if all my plans worked then it should look pretty good regardless of what device you’re looking at it on. If it doesn’t on yours then try closing Internet Explorer and get yourself a good browser :-)

Seriously, if you’re having problems just drop us a line and let us know what the site is doing and what device/browser you’re looking at it on.

Anyway, I hope you all like it, and please feel free to comment in the comments section.

If anyone’s tried to visit our old site recently you may have experienced problems, which I do apologise for. We had some server-side issues which should be resolved now.

On the studio side of things, we’ve had a good couple of months with visits from Rodney Matthews, Soley Mourning, Hybrid 9, Serpentine and Drag. There’s a fair bit of free time going begging at the moment so get in touch if you want to grab yourself a downtime deal!

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