CR5M2 at Mad Hat’s Studio is a professional recording studio that has been working in the sound recording and music production in the West Midlands for over 25 years. It was originally founded as Switch Music in the early 1980s as a 4-track music demo studio. Then in the late 1980s the name changed to Mad Hat Studios and recording equipment changed to 2″ multitrack analogue tape, bringing our studio into the professional recording end of the market.

The studio went from strength to strength producing albums and promotional records for bands and artistes from all over the Midlands, and indeed all over the world. Originally on the Stafford Road, Wolverhampton, for over 10 years, we then moved to Walsall during the 90s for 6 years and then back to the Wolverhampton area in 2001. The current recording studio is now situated in the countryside of Coven, South Staffordshire, in Wolverhampton’s greenbelt.

Over the years we have continued to upgrade yet we still  are great believers in the virtues of analogue and valve outboard equipment.


Today M2 at Mad Hat Studios the main recording format is based around  Avid’s Pro Tools HD. This step, in our long history of maintaining professional recording standards, means the studio is one of the Midlands most successful and well known recording studios.

The studio has a great track record for quality production recordings of all genres of music from prog metal and hard rock bands to brass bands, from folk music artists to jazz combos and continues to do so. The sizeable live room is ideal for drums no matter what size the drum kit. Our live room is also suitable for any other acoustic instruments and electric guitar amplifiers. The studio is highly versatile and can acommodate the needs of most musicians.

With more than 30 years experience in many areas of the music industry our experienced and friendly producers and engineers would be happy to work with you on your next project. We offer many services other than recording and production including mixing, Pro Tools editing, mastering, programming, string arrangements, vocal harmony arranging, location live recording (up to 40 track), sequencing and much more. Use the menus above to find out more about us and our facilities.

Mad Hat Studios
The Upper Hattons,
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